Advanced Digital Marketing Course Brochure

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  1. Internet Functionality
  2. Domains, sub-domains and Web Hosting
  3. Connectivity between different service providers
  4. Website connectivity with different tools
  5. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  1. Introduction to website designing through WordPress
  2. Dynamic Blogging
  3. Post and Forum management
  4. Theme management
  5. Page Builder (Elementor)
  6. Plugins usage and management
  7. Internet and Data Security
  8. Templates
  9. Mobile responsive (mobile website interface)
  1. Overview of white hat SEO
  2. Search Engine Functionality (Organic results)
  3. Content optimization (Title- tag, URL, H1/H2 tags)
  4. Advanced Keyword Analysis
  5. Google Search Console
  6. Website verification
  7. XML Sitemaps
  8. Robots
  9. Canonicalization
  10. Meta Tags and descriptions
  11. Structured Data
  12. Schema rich snippets
  13. Types of Error messages and Redirects
  14. .ht access
  15. Page ranking
  16. Page speed optimization
  17. Using online SEO tools
  18. Quality Back-linking
  19. Search Engine Uploads (URL and Files)
  20. Google My Business (Local SEO and Google maps listing)
  21. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  22. Web Mastery (Domains and URLs)
  1. Overview of SEM and other source of paid marketing
  2. Google My client centre (MCC)
  3. Google ads account structure and access
  4. Ad types (Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Gmail, Call-only, Responsive ads)
  5. Billing and payments
  6. Google Search Network (PPC)
  7. Ad Ranking and Quality Score
  8. Keyword research
  9. Keyword match types
  10. Ad Extensions
  11. Audience and location targeting
  12. Bidding and auction
  13. Bidding strategies
  14. Device bid adjustments
  15. Dynamic search ads (DSA)
  16. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)
  17. Auction Insights and search attribution
  18. Google Tag Manager
  19. Conversion setup and conversion actions
  20. Remarketing setup and remarketing lists (Search and Display)
  21. Google Display Network (GDN)
  22. Google Shopping Ads
  23. Google Merchant Centre (GMC) and product taxonomy
  24. Video Ads (GDN and YouTube)
  25. Predefined reports (Dimensions)
  26. Client Reporting
  27. Google Ad Sense (Content Monetization)
  28. Google Partner Program
  1. Analytics setup
  2. Raw data analysis
  3. Main Data Analysis
  4. Test Analysis
  5. Goals and Funnels
  6. Conversion Analysis
  7. User behaviour, demographics and interests
  1. Influential organic social media marketing
  2. Business page or profile creation and management
  3. Facebook and Instagram business manager
  4. Facebook and Instagram ads manager
  5. Facebook Pixel
  6. Facebook creative hub
  7. Facebook creator studio
  8. Twitter paid marketing
  9. LinkedIn paid marketing
  10. YouTube Studio
  11. YouTube paid marketing
  12. Graphics designing with online tools
  1. Email Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Drop-shipping
  4. Blogging (Text, pictures and video)
  5. How to earn money from the Internet (Content Monetization)

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