There are a lot of columns to choose from in Google Ads. It makes it hard to get away from the status quo of just adding the columns you’ve always added to your reports.

The new recommended columns feature suggests new reporting columns that you should be using based on your campaign and account settings. For example, if you start using bid automation, Google will start recommending the ‘Bid Strategy Type’ column to your Campaign table.

With this launch, Bid Strategy Type will also stop being a required column in your Campaign reports, which will free up some horizontal space for you to see more of the statistics columns.

Recommendations tab in new Google Ads

You can identify a recommended column by the blue underline in the column name. You can do three things with recommended columns.

1- Do nothing, and Google will recommend the column whenever it’s relevant.

2- Add them as permanent columns

3- Tell us not to recommend it anymore

These recommendations are turned on by default for all advertisers. You can turn off recommendations for individual columns or all columns. These settings are specific to the user in the account.

Digital Sanskriti suggest you keep the setting on, so that Google can recommend columns that will be important to your account. You can also discover new columns that had not previously surfaced through recommendations.